About Us

We’re not just another Frozen Yogurt Shop – We’re a full service Café that offers much more than just frozen yogurt, and we do our best to serve all our quality products with love.  Yogurberry ATL features Frozen Yogurt and Smoothies made with Organic goodness, Sherbet, Bubble Tea, Iced Coffee, Parfaits, Banana Splits and more.  Yogurberry – Yummy, Healthy, Hip!

We are exclusively partnered with Johnston Family Farm , a local farmer here in Georgia.

Our other specialty treats include Bubble Tea (sometimes referred to as Boba and/or Tapioca Pearl Iced Tea), Frozen Yogurt Banana Splits, Parfaits, and Iced Coffee and are all made from scratch, ensuring freshness and quality in each cup!

*NEW & NOW AVAILABLE – Yogurberry Green Smoothies!

At Yogurberry ATL, we are committed to bringing you and your family quality products and excellent customer service.  We have a family of our own and serve our guests and customers the same yogurberry we enjoy and frequently eat ourselves.  That is the Gold Standard we operate by.  Quality that our own family trusts.  In short the value of good health and positive eating habits partnered with sincere and genuine customer service is ultimately what Yogurberry ATL is all about. We look forward to the continued opportunity of serving you and your family soon. Yogurberry – Yummy, Healthy, Hip!

Have a positive day,
Brian Hah